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. across america, people have talked about our five-point plan. we will take full advantage of our energy resources: coal, oil, gas, nuclear renewables and review our regulations to make sure burning coal is done clean but not kill the industry like the epa has done. we will double the number of permits on federal lands and federal waters for drilling and oil and gas. day one we were take steps to get the pipeline from canada built. we will get north america on track to be energy independent in eight years. that means less cost to fill up the tank, less cost to heat your home. and if you are cutting steel and bending it, it take as lot of energy the manufacturing cares deeply about the cost of energy. if we take advantage of our natural gas and oil and coal we will have low-cost energy bringing more manufacturing back. it will make this company do better. energy is so key to our nation. that is why one of the first things we will do is get america on track to energize security. i want to open up more trade particularly in latin america. when nations cheat and over the years china has not
winds, 94 miles per hour and all of this energy is moving westward. look at the expansion of this storm. i mean, a thousand miles wide and we are dealing with the effects of this well-off the coast and inland across the great lakes and the midwest and the great lakes, the ohio river valley, and there is cleveland, to give you a live look at cleveland, talking about the winds across the great lakes, upper 40's, it feels like the 30's with the wind chill and we have gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour. the waves are 20' to 30' and not just a northeast storm or mid-atlantic or new england storm but it will be a midwest event. just looking at the pressure gradient we have between this storm and high pressure to the south, we are going to see wind advisory to the gulf coast. they will feel the effects up and down the eastern seaboard and across the great lakes and the hid west until at least thursday and even friday when sandy moves up into canada. >>shepard: janice, how long do they expect the blizzard conditions to last? >> i will show you some of the totals we have seen, over 2' of snow
.7 million americans with no power because of the storm. seconds ago we got an alert from the energy department, now it is 4.5 million so 200,000 people have had the lights turned on. >> some businesses are trying to profit off the tragedy as happens every storm. new jersey officials say investigators are looking to around 100 complaints of price gouging at gas stations and hotels hotels and other stores. the judge is in the house, judge napolitano. after hurricane andrew they did this in an drew back in 1982 and people went crazy and they prosecuted people and they put them in jail for it. >>judge napolitano: most states do not prosecute. i am familiar with the case but not a lost them. they are very heavy with respect to fines and they are not fines imposed after a trail, these are fines imposed by an inspector on-the-spot and it is difficult to challenge the discretion. an example, some of the fines are serious. at a gas station in new jersey which is not far from where i live in the northwest corner of new jersey, a gas station was fined $50,000 for raising the price of gas more
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)